Things that make me go ARGH!

Inequality.  A never-ending issue all around the world.  And I’m of the cynical mind that true equality within the human race will never be achieved.  What can I say, I’m a realist.

That being said, I’m just here to bitch about a particular issue of gender inequality.


Yes, haircuts.

I’m a poor single mother.  Besides my two adult age sons (one who lives with me and one who doesn’t), I have an active athletic daughter who is 10.


This is my girl.  Isn’t she cute?  As I mentioned, she’s athletic.  She’s into swimming and gymnastics.  That’s why she likes her hair short; she doesn’t have to tie it up and it stays out of her face.  I like her hair short because her hair is like mine and will turn into a mass of knots at the slightest breeze.

The picture below is how short we get it cut.


We went to a salon in the mall near our home.  Asking about the price is what prompted me to write this.

“How much will it be?” I asked.

“Twenty dollars not including GST,” was the reply.

My jaw dropped, “$20 for a child?!”

The hairdresser gave me an apologetic smile.

“How much would it be if she were a boy?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Fourteen.”  I could tell she let it slip.

I couldn’t believe it, “Her hair is short.  I’m just asking you to make it shorter.”

“It’s because I have to cut it a different way,” she was getting defensive as I was getting louder.

“Then cut it like you would a boy’s and charge us that price.” I said.

But she insisted she couldn’t do that.

I left in a huff with a “screw this” which was more polite than what would have come out of my mouth if my daughter hadn’t been there.

Unbelievable.  Just because my tomboy daughter doesn’t have a penis, they jack up the price 30%.

It’s bad enough we have to pay twice as much for our clothes whether we dress girly or not.

It’s bad enough we still can’t get the same income as a man but we have to pay more for things that are for us!

And it’s absolute ridiculous and incredibly infuriating that we can’t have equality on simple little things like haircuts.

Gender based pricing is completely unfair.

I shouldn’t have to pay more just because I have a pair of boobs instead of a pair of balls.

By the way, I would have paid the $20 for her haircut (though that is too expensive for me) if there hadn’t been such a difference in the price based on gender.  I will not support businesses that do that.

Well, I found a some hair cutting scissors for $15.  Let’s see how good a barber I can be.



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