Come Join Me

Welcome to my new blog!

I’m starting this one (this is one of 4) to hone my skills as a writer.

I’ve been writing stories, poetry and various rants and raves for about 35 years.  I will admit the only professional writing I’ve done has been creating letters and resumes.  But that’s not my passion.

I love to write.  It’s the only form of expression I’ve ever been good at.  If you check out my other blogs For What It’s Worth and From Inside the Borderline you can see what I’ve been writing about for the last couple of years which have been a very tough couple of years.  Lots of rants and raves in those blogs.

But with this one I want to hone my writing skills.  All of my writing skills.

So I’m asking the world to help me.  What I would like is for readers to give me topics of which to write about.  Give me a world issue to write an opinion piece on, that’ll also help me brush up my research skills. Give me a character, a setting and a dilemma to solve (eg. a dwarf, a desert, he must find his way home).  Or something like that.  The way to do that is to comment on this post or on the about page.  Give me something to work with and let’s see what I can come up with.  I’m rusty in writing fiction – haven’t done that in a long, long while.  But I’m hoping that ability is still there.

What I plan to do is list the topics I’m given in the title of a blog post and write a short story or article about it.  I also would love for people to rate what I write.

So, send me a comment.  Let’s have a little fun 🙂